Are you a self-taught musician or music producer, and need guidance to take your music to the next level?

I will help you strengthen your harmony, theory, and composition skills, so you can:

  • Make your originals and arrangements sound musically rich
  • Make your music accompaniments match exactly the emotions your lyrics are expressing, so you bring people on a journey with you
  • Have infinite ideas for new inspiring songs or compositions


Are you a pianist, and currently feel limited about what you are able to play or compose on the piano?

I will help you strengthen your piano skills, so you can:

  • Feel much more confident playing, like you fingers fly through the keyboard
  • Make the piano part of your songs or pieces richer and more solid 
  • Expand your creativity and the range of possibilities for your piano covers or originals

I have been teaching music and piano for 20+ years, and am a recording artist (pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter) with an album out and an EP in the making!

Send me an email to discuss more details about your specific needs!