Who I am

I am a musician and music teacher born in Barcelona. As my parents worked in the music industry I grew up around music and showed interest in it at a very young age. I studied piano at the historic Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona with the teachers Miyuki Yamaoka and Tensy Kristman. There, I also studied cello as my second instrument with the teacher Iñaki Etxepare. At the same time I was also studying my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and after that a master’s degree in Music Therapy as a bridge between my musician side and my psychologist side.

After completing my piano diploma I was interested in modern music. I started taking harmony and arrangements in modern music lessons with the teacher Enric Alberich. Besides, as I always had a passion for singing, I took voice lessons with the teachers Viv Manning, Ariana Barrabés and Brennan Barrett.

I also have more than 20 years of experience as a musician playing piano, cello, singing and also composing and arranging music. I have been part of classical groups, pop, world music, and a cappella groups and theatre plays. I recently released my first piano solo album Rainy Times that you can find on all digital and social media platforms!

I hold a master’s degree in Music School Management and was an academic manager at several music schools for more than 7 years before starting my own piano studio.